Changes are afoot…or is that afeet?

Just to warn visitors that I’m experimenting with a different look to this blog site to better reflect what it now covers. I still haven’t settled on a look yet, so you should refresh your browser window each time you visit, in case it’s changed. Do let me know what you think about what you see, either in the Comments section below, or on my Facebook Page or Twitter.

Thanks for your understanding…he says hopefully,


6 thoughts on “Changes are afoot…or is that afeet?

  1. Something’s Afoot indeed, and ‘Five’ll get ya ten old Macky’s back in town’

    This looks pretty good Mak, and I’ll bet you have walked in many shoes, paws, and plant pots over the years.

    I love that you will share this in thought, words and music,as you take us on your long journey. Experiment, as I did yesterday on my WordPress site. Great minds think alike, but I bow to yours. Enjoy the evolution, it’s fun

    Love Anne Terri ⭐️

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