Blog No.28: Thank you #Music, #WordPress, #Twitter and #Facebook for the therapy

A very brief blog


Over a year ago I left social media and vowed never to return. At the time I was heavily involved in all things Arthurian, and had a blog about it and the three-part ebook on the subject I was trying to complete. I stopped those too, along with leaving the King Arthur Facebook groups and Facebook itself. Even the complex Google Earth map about ‘Dark Age’ Britain I was in the process of creating came to a halt. The only Arthurian involvement I have now is through my music. (See THIS blog.)

If it had not been for going back to my music, I never would have returned. Had it not been for deciding to share this music, which I initially only did for a selective audience, I would not have started to blog about my theatre, tv and film past. Had it not been for doing that, I wouldn’t have (mostly) got over not wanting to look at anything to do with puppetry, as it was too painful a reminder of the career of over forty years I had to give up three and a half years ago because of ill health.

Being someone who has ME/CFS, depression and anxiety, amongst other physical problems (more so since retiring) I’ve had plenty of counselling and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), and these always told me not to run away from my fears, but to face them, with regard to the puppetry side of things especially. This was easier said than done, as I couldn’t even look at a tv programme or commercial with a puppet in it without feeling physically sick, and there are a lot of them of British tv! I also knew that these were all done by people I knew, and that they would be telling all about them on places like Facebook and Twitter. This is why I still have very few Friends on Facebook or Twitter who are puppeteers. It still can be difficult to read about what fun they’re having…although very often it can be about what hard work it is, which is certainly can be!

So thank you, Social Media, I’m glad I came back. How long it will last, I don’t know, but I plan to make the most of it whilst I’m here.

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Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Blog No.28: Thank you #Music, #WordPress, #Twitter and #Facebook for the therapy

  1. Mak, you deserve all the stars in the universes for your bravery in returning. I think if it had not been for seeing your like on one of Andrew’s posts, I would never have found out about you and how much you have contributed to the Entertainment Industry.

    Yes it hurts. I could not even watch the Jim Henson tribute after the funeral, It was you, who gave me the spark to do this, and it’s reopened my world of the Muppets which were often tops on my list of favorites.

    I feel this pain every time I watch a Broadway or Westend show, knowing I will never dance again as I did before. Thus my goals became to assist those who are trying to make it in this hard knocks industry, rather than have remorse over my sore aging legs and hips.

    I hope you do not leave, but let some of your dear friends be here for you when the chips are down. Remember the original Muppeteers are also aging and feeling the creeks in their joints among other stresses. One who does this profession suffers, for it is not only rewarding but grueling days in contortion like positions. For what it’s worth, many love you. Let us be your fans.

    Anne Terri

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  2. Thanks for you very kind words, Anne. Yes, it can be painful can’t it? and I know you know better than some. I’m like you in that I like helping others to achieve their goals. That was one of my jobs at Henson’s; I trained puppeteers both for them and Sesame Street, and loved every minute of it!


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