Blog No.34: Christmas story No.3 – He’s behind you! (Or not, as the case may be) 1975-1979

The third installment of a few memorable musical Christmases….


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This was going to be my blog about performing in my first four Christmas shows, three of which were pantomimes, from 1975 to 1979. (The featured picture is from the 1975/76 Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford production of Dick Whittington, in which I played his cat, Tommy. My very first panto’.) Since I have a problem at the moment with my right arm and hand I can’t type very much, and I’m doing this via the dictation software on my Mac. Whilst it is a great piece of technology, I still find it hard to write anything of length by dictating it, so you will be relieved to hear that I’m not going to do these stories. Instead, below are just photos from two of the productions I was in during this period.

My second panto of Babes In The Wood – me being one of the babes – at the Swansea Grand, 1976/77. I’m the little guys kneeling. Those from Wales of a certain age might recognise the wonderful Ryan Davies and actor Glyn Houston, brother of Donald Houston.
My fourth Christmas show and first foray into puppet and mask theatre in 1978/79 with Caricature Theatre, Cardiff. This was a production performed at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. I played Jack, the one with the axe on his shoulder. After this I went onto Cannon Hill Puppet Theatre in Birmingham where I spent two happy years, and from there into film. (Neither Caricature or Cannon Hill – the largest puppet/mask companies at the time – exists any longer.)

My next blog will actually be a vlog (video log), just to wish you all a Happy New Year in person.

Until then, thanks for reading,


9 thoughts on “Blog No.34: Christmas story No.3 – He’s behind you! (Or not, as the case may be) 1975-1979

  1. I read the story of Dick Whittington’s Cat as a young child. Amazing to remember it this way. Love the old photographs, and picturing you so young in Babes in the Woods. Sorry your arm is hurting, but enjoyed your recorded typing never-the-less. Mak, love your recorded messages also, but not that you are unable to type.

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