Blog No.36: Where do I go after this? Which path should I take?

What do I do after all this?

BLOG NO.36 – IF YOU’D LIKE TO READ BLOG NO.35 FIRST, CLICK HERE, OR TO WATCH VLOG NO.1 CLICK HERE. If you’d like to read first why I wrote these 65 tracks, then click HERE to read that blog. (Blue text are external links, which will open in a new browser window.)

I’ve been wondering of late what to do after I’ve written about all my music, and finished my Close Encounter blogs? They should take another five weeks or so, if I can ever get back to typing. It may all come down to whether I write any more folk music or not? At present I’m unable to play the keyboards, just as I can’t type very much, hence why I am doing this using the dictation software. I may try to do some music using Apple Loops in GarageBand, or Logic Pro X, but that won’t be as satisfy…and still requires me using my hands.

It’s interesting that since taking up photography again I have had more likes for my photos on Facebook and Twitter then I have had for any of my music or blogs, which makes me wonder if I should completely change what I’m focusing on? Having said that, I have always been someone who doesn’t like concentrating on one thing for very long, or changing to something else after getting bored, and then coming back to what I was doing after I get bored with that too. I think it would be a different matter if the blogs were getting lots of followers, ratings and comments. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve all had more responses than I was ever expecting, but if there were a lot more, then the extra effort that my ME/CFS and other medical conditions make them to be, would be worth it.

So I’m not sure what I’ll do yet? What do YOU think?

Thanks so much for reading, and please do let me know YOUR thoughts in the Comments section below,



7 thoughts on “Blog No.36: Where do I go after this? Which path should I take?

  1. I had a feeling this one would be important, and I know every step you are taking hurts, when the hands are not cooperating. If I could be your hands I would do so, but all I can be is supportive.

    Normally, I’d say do what makes you happy, but this is a different situation all together. You do love taking photos, and I do believe you are capable of even more with your camera and eye for precision and technique. Do you see this as another phase of brilliance your enjoy in your life?

    And then, I had a vision before I came here to read this, about an hour ago, of someone grabbing on to all this history and music and turning it into a show of great importance. perhaps a documentery, a work to be presented in a museum?

    Don’t know, and I still believe Leaving School could be resurrected on stage, with advanced orchestration, new performers and so on..

    The solutions are not my visions, but your own, for your mind is still in tack and I know you have much more to give, and you do have remission periods when your hands will do the job you expect of them.

    I’m rambling, but because I care about you. I am here no matter what you choose. Do not despair, I am patient, and I believe you have followers also with patience. Love, Anne Terri

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts and concern, Anne, but there’s nothing to be concerned about. It’s just me thinking out loud and seeing if there was any feedback. I knew you would give me some, and it is most gratefully received. I hope to be able to continue with music, blogs and photography, but that is dependant on things somewhat out of my control. I will do what I have always done, and adapt to the situation…whatever that might be.

      Thanks again, Mak.

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  2. Having only come comparatively recently to your blog, my obvious response is to continue with what you’re doing. Part of that response is due to my not having got around to looking at your past posts, of course, but I’m sure I’m not the only lazy reader around here.

    From what I’ve read so far, my favourites are definitely the posts with the combination of folk music and history / photos of the period concerned.

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    1. Thanks Mick. Good to know that there are some more into the folk music and history. The stats tend to show that it’s the Close Encounter blogs that get the most views, but I only started those to try and direct people over to the music. There are only three blogs left that will cover my music, unless I am well enough to compose some more. Whatever I do, I don’t think I’ll close the blog.

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  3. Mak, I have a friend on Twitter, I met long ago on Facebook, and the very first thing I saw, was a photograph she posted on her site, just for fun. I suggested she had talent for this art form, and that she should tap into it. This is what has happened. She’s now an amazing photographer, working in Washington State, and plans a trip to Paris. You have talent in this also. Funny, I just went to her site, and her first photo of the year is of a woman with a service pig.


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