Blog No.45 – Moon, Birds & Music

Enjoying getting back to photography

BLOG NO.45 – IF YOU’D LIKE TO READ BLOG NO.44/VLOG NO.4 FIRST, CLICK HERE. If you’d like to read first why I wrote my 65 folk tracks, then click HERE to read that blog. (Blue text are external links, which will open in a new browser window.)

(Those getting this via email won’t be able to see the videos. Clicking on the title of the blog in the email will open it in a tab of your web browser. Apologies but out of my control. If you see any typos, pease let me know. Thanks.)

Since getting my Nikon B700 digital bridge camera back in December, I’ve been passing a lot of time getting back into photography, bird watching and star gazing. This has been especially helpful since losing my ability to play keyboards or type much at the moment. So here are some videos I’ve put together, some of which I added my own music to, others library music. If you want to see the full-sized versions click on the square icon to the right of ‘YouTube’. Hope you enjoy them.

The first is just a bunch of bird footage I put together as a an exercise more than anything. It’s not finessed by any means. These are some of the birds we’ve been getting on our garden feeders. This, which was shot in Full HD and edited in iMovie, has one of my tracks added to it.

A video of the moon one January evening, shot in Full HD. I added one of my own compositions to this also. This, and the other videos, shows the incredible power of the B700’s 60x optical zoom lens, which is the equivalent of a 1440mm telephoto….and this is without the added digital zoom, which you’ll see in use below in the moon close-ups.

Another Full HD moon video, this time taken late evening. I put library music to it available in GarageBand, as I didn’t have a track of my own that was the right length.

This next is of a greenfinch on a feeder, again in Full HD. This was a most unexpected and exciting thing to happen for me. Anyone from the UK may know that these once common birds have massively declined, and this was the first I’d seen in 15 years! Its timing was also fantastic, as I set myself up closer than usual, so could get a lovely clear close-up.  There’s no music to this one.

Another Full HD moon video, this time with various shots of the same night edited together in iMovie. Another with library music from GarageBand added to it.

The final video is a 4K video test of the moon. It’s the first time I’d shot in 4K and it is incredible the extra detail it shows up. This is another I put library music to, care of YouTube this time, as I didn’t have a track of my own that was the right length.


BLOG NO.46 will be out on the 16th February. It will be in commemoration of the 109th anniversary of the West Stanley (Burns) mining disaster, the largest in the town where I grew up’s history. I thought I needed to do a blog about this horrendous event, which I have also written a song about in tribute to the 168 men and boys (and many, many pit ponies) who lost their lives that fateful winter’s day. (I may post a one before that, however, about a time-lapse sunrise I shot and added music to.)

Thanks, as always, for reading and watching, and please do leave a Star Rating at the top of the Page (good or bad, I don’t mind), or Like it below if you’re a member of WordPress. You can also leave a Comment or Question below.


5 thoughts on “Blog No.45 – Moon, Birds & Music

  1. Seem you have made some new movie stars All the birds did a grand job. The music was just perfect for these little ones. Saw all the food provided and was curious if I spotted a coconut halved i the branches. Time for me to get some apples and hope I can attract little peeps to join in with my larger visitors. Now for a trip to the lunar landscape. I just realized how peaceful the music is with your Blue Moon video. Good for meditation. Silver moon is also very special. For some reason, Aspects of The Moon takes my breath away. Your 4K Video Test, allows for a moon landing. Wow. I felt like I had been given the privilege to be on a space flight, and to be able to enjoy it at my leisure. The final moment, was back on earth and enjoys nature. I’ve never seen a greenfinch before, what a surprise. Seems to be enjoying the food. Great Blog Mak.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Anne, and so glad you enjoyed them. Yes, you can buy half coconuts that are filled with fat and seeds. Perfect energy food for birds in the winter.

      I am still amazed at the moon every time I video it. Having followed every lunar mission as a teenager, it is incredible to be able get this close myself.

      Liked by 1 person

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