Blog No.40/Vlog No.2 – Part 10 of My Close Encounters of the Music Legend Kind: The #Muppets & Capitol Record Studios

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Second vlog.

BLOG NO.40/VLOG NO.2 – IF YOU’D LIKE TO READ BLOG NO.39 FIRST, CLICK HERE, OR TO WATCH VLOG NO.1 CLICK HERE. If you’d like to read first why I wrote my 65 folk tracks, then click HERE to read that blog. (Blue textare external links, which will open in a new browser window.)

(Those getting this via email won’t be able to see the videos. Clicking on the title of the blog in the email will open it in a tab of your web browser. For those reading on an iPad, the videos will open in a separate browser windows and not play on the Page. Apologies but out of my control. If you see any typos, pease let me know. Thanks.)

If you haven’t read any of these, I always start with a confession: I thought I would…

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