Blog No.48/Vlog No.5 – Part 12 of My Close Encounters of the Music Legend Kind: Barbara Streisand

Second vlog.

BLOG NO.47/VLOG NO.5 – IF YOU’D LIKE TO PART 11 OF THE ‘CLOSE ENCOUNTERS’ FIRST, CLICK HERE. If you’d like to read first why I wrote my 65 folk tracks, then click HERE to read that blog. (Blue text are external links, which will open in a new browser window.)

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If you haven’t read any of these, I always start with a confession: I thought I would do these Close Encounter blogs purely because I knew they would get more people coming to my blog site and, hopefully, listening to my folk music too. Well, I was right on the first count, but, judging by my site and SoundCloud statistics, I don’t think it’s getting many people to have a listen to my musical attempts. Hardly surprising, really, as most of those wanting to read these – include either current or budding puppeteers – are not that interested in folk-type music that is primarily about the history of a specific region of England. Just so you know, I have blogged about the other kinds of music I’ve done – see THIS one for example – and I will be doing more in the future. (I’ve added a couple of songs to the right-hand sidebar.) There, now I’ve done my confessional, on with the blog….

In my 40-odd years as an actor, puppeteer and movement choreographer in theatre, television and film I was fortunate and honoured enough to meet and work with some music legends – both human and places – from Elton John to Capital Record Studios in LA. It’s only recently that I realised music has been with me my whole adult working life, in one form or another, and I thought I’d share these ‘close encounters’ with you. So here is Part 12 of those encounters….

Here’s a close encounter I’d forgotten about. It was probably the briefest encounter I had with a music legend – which is good because my health at the moment has only got enough energy for a brief vlog – it was with Barbara Streisand whilst she was doing ADR work on the film Yentl, and it went something like this….

Apologies for the sound quality!

Thanks as always for reading and watching, and please, please, please rate the blog (star rating at the top) or leave a Comment below so I know how I’m doing.


2 thoughts on “Blog No.48/Vlog No.5 – Part 12 of My Close Encounters of the Music Legend Kind: Barbara Streisand

  1. The opening was so good, I was ready for an epic film like Superman… which you are. Barbra Streisand is my favorite female vocalist of all time. Her music and lyrics have given me so much strength and courage to do much of what I’ve done to make all my amazing jumps through the entertainment industry and beyond. You heard her speak and this is enough. Love the ape sounds, they are the best ever Mak, you always please.


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