Blog No.49 – Time for a break

BLOG NO.48/VLOG NO.5 – IF YOU’D LIKE TO READ BLOG NO.43 FIRST, CLICK HERE. If you’d like to read first why I wrote my 65 folk tracks, then click HERE to read that blog. (Blue text are external links, which will open in a new browser window.)

Recently, as followers of these blogs will know, my health hasn’t been great, and since I have had Shingles on top of my ME/CFS and other conditions, it’s been even worse. This has curtailed my blogging to a great extent. Because of this, and because some of the blogs aren’t getting many views or my music much listened to, I’ve decided to take a break from it for the foreseeable future, which could turn out to be forever. I will leave the site active for now, in case anyone stumbles across it.

Thanks to all who have supported my blogs, and especially to those who have rated, liked and left comments. (You know who you are.) You’re the ones who have kept it going. I will let you know if I decide to close the blog and delete my songs from SoundCloud…or not, as the case may be. In the meantime, you might get some reblogs now and again, for those who missed them first time around.

Thanks as always for reading,


10 thoughts on “Blog No.49 – Time for a break

  1. Will l hit the like button? No.

    I can’t in my heart like this. I know how much you are suffering, and I do not like this either. I’m begging you to pretend I’ve not seen any of your blogs, and that I have just arrived to listen to and read all of them.

    I I have a personal folder in my E-mail which say’s Mak’s Blogs. They are like a treasure chest. With this in mind, Please, even if it’s for one old lady who loves your music and you also, do not delete these archives. These are you legacy.

    Bless you, and if you are able, hit the like button once an a while on your Twitter, and if you want to post a photo, I’m there. I believe Carlo is also, as well as others. You can share with me, if you choose all your woes I will listen. Love your friend, Anne Terri

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      1. I wouldn’t say that, although I recognize the feeling. It all goes to show you–well, something. I’m not sure what. The Lord Yahoo has no taste. Anyway, now that you’re taking a break, I’ve managed to put you back in the inbox.

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