Blog No.3: My Close Encounters Of The Music Legend Kind – Part 1 – Harry Nilsson & Stephen Sondheim

Reblogging this first Close Encounters blog.

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In my 40-odd years as an actor, puppeteer and movement choreographer in theatre, television and film I was fortunate and honoured enough to meet and work with some music legends – both human and places – from David Bowie to Capital Record Studios in LA. It’s only recently that I realised music has been with me my whole adult working life, in one form or another, and I thought I’d share these close encounters with you. So here goes….

Harry Nilsson in the 1970s

Getting drunk with Harry Nilsson – My first encounter will only be appreciated by those of a certain age or with knowledge of music history. For me, this one was totally unreal! My first job when I left Stanley, Co. Durham for the streets paved with gold that was London, was at…

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